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Outpainting with Dall-e

Attention Conservation Notice

I found art on the internet and made collages with Dall-e 2's outpainting feature. Beautiful, I'm sure the internet will be jam-packed with AI-assisted art soon

Heads up! These images are copyright the original artists. It's a derivative work, but not an effortful one.

Outpainting with Dall-e 2

but does it float? is a site that posted random bits of art from different artists into little exhibitions with fun titles. It seems to be inactive, with it's last post being 2017.

I've recently started playing with outpainting in Dall-e 2. Here are some extended images from various artists


I'm unable to find a link for the artist. Here is the original post:

I've taken 4 of their pieces and used Dall-e to fill in the spaces together with GPT4 creating the prompts:

A breathtaking and dreamlike scene that begins with a vibrant oceanic tidal pool teeming with life, which gradually transitions into a serene pink and beige post-rainstorm sky, before finally seeping into the arid desert landscape. The artwork is painted with bold, thick brush strokes in a modern style, using a harmonious color palette of deep blue, turquoise, and emerald green for the tidal pool, shifting into soothing shades of pink, beige, and soft lavender for the tranquil post-rainstorm sky, and finally merging into the stark contrasts of black, yellow, and red for the desert. The composition captures the awe-inspiring beauty and interconnectedness of natural phenomena, from the depths of the ocean to the gentle calm after a storm, and the resilience of life in the parched sands of the desert. This enchanting piece invites contemplation of the vastness and complexity of the Earth's diverse environments, while celebrating the various forms of life that inhabit them.


Jorinde Voigt

A striking and minimalist mechanical illustration set against a pristine white background, featuring large, bold swaths of warm colors that create a sense of energy and motion. The artwork showcases a fusion of intricate, geometric structures, and vibrant color accents in shades of burnt orange, golden yellow, and rich crimson. The composition skillfully blends the stark precision of mechanical elements with the inviting warmth of the generous color applications, resulting in a harmonious balance between form and function. The overall feeling of the piece evokes a sense of dynamism and exploration, inviting the viewer to appreciate the interplay between movement, structure, and the bold beauty of its carefully chosen color palette.


Michael Wolf


Create an image of brightly-colored, towering apartment buildings with repetitive patterns at every level. In the foreground, show a unique inroad with unusual angles, capturing its vibrant colors and patterns. Play with bold colors and contrasting shades to make the image truly pop.


Jim Gaylord


Generate a collage in the style of an early 60s photograph that features a large machinery juxtaposed with a sky that dominates the majority of the image. The image should convey a sense of scale and grandeur. The faded bright colors should be contrasted with a high level of detail in the machinery and sky. The scene should feel nostalgic and evoke a feeling of a time gone by.


The Process

  1. Find images I think are nice
  2. upload it to Dall-e 2's outpainting editor
  3. erase segments of each piece
  4. write a simple prompt
  5. ask GPT-4 to make my prompt better and to focus on certain aspects
  6. use that prompt to fill in the blanks in Dall-e 2's outpainting editor

My Thoughts

I spent most of my teenage years playing around in photoshop. These images were in the first 10 attempts I've made. I'm sure that if I were to put some effort into composition, color schemes, editing of different parts of the images, proper erasing and cutting of pieces, photo filters, etc then some of this could be truly stunning.

I'm expecting Adobe Firefly will provide utilities for this kind of workflow. Hopefully this means that the world will be filled with 100+ times the art as the entry barrier gets significantly lower.

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